RAIS Video Challenge

Deadline for Video Challenge submissions: 01/05/2022
RAIS Workshop: Summer School 2022 (Europe)
Many of you might already know about stories on how smart watches have saved people’s lives. If you do not believe us google it, you will see how powerful a small connected device can be. Wearable devices deliver a vision of a healthy and connected world. These devices track the biometric and postural data of users to create optimal training plans. These guided sessions assist in a smart and healthy routine. Alas, all is not perfect in this world. Imagine your health app collects data regarding an irregular pattern of the heartbeat. Through some third-party app, an insurance company gets hold of this data. The consequences can be a denied insurance which is a severe unethical practice. Thus, the personal information that is collected in ubiquitous technology has great importance.


Description of the Challenge

The RAIS Video Challenge provides high school and first-year undergraduate students in Europe with the opportunity to deliver a 2-minutes video in YouTube where the theme is:

"Privacy in the Era of Wearables"

The participants are expected to propose a novel way (new features or services) to prevent or bypass privacy violation in collecting personal data for wearable devices. Teams of up to three students are eligible to participate, and videos will be judged by the RAIS consortium based on the quality of the answers to the four questions below. As inspiration, many of you use wearable devices in the forms of watches, smart-bands, belts, etc. All of these devices produce data that are sent back to different services that you use through them. This challenge helps you to think about this aspect of wearable technology.



  1. What is personal data, and what is data privacy?
  2. What kind of data do you think is collected from wearable devices? How much of it is personal data?
  3. What is your opinion regarding the usage of the data? Is your privacy being taken care of?
  4. What possibly could go wrong in regards to the collection and usage of these data?


Judging Criteria

  1. Novelty of the proposed solution.
  2. Scientific accuracy of the solution.
  3. Quality of the presentation.
  4. Video delivery.
The winners will be invited to present their idea at the RAIS Summer School 2022. Their expenses (air tickets/accommodation) will be covered by the project. Submissions are accepted online till May 1st, 2022.

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